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We aren’t just a design agency that you go to for a nice website. We spend the required time to understand your business and build strong ongoing relationships. We listen, inspire, advise, listen some more and create. Strut essentially becomes your own creative department. Working together as part of a team, we help you overcome real world problems with practical solutions.

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Crieff Hydro SAIS National Wallace Monument Glenmore Lodge TEC Offshore
Our brand new Crieff Hydro Hotel and Resort website went live yesterday. Well done to Sarah Nicolson and her team and the guys Strut Digital Creative for delivering what I think is an amazingly fresh view of Scotland's oldest registered trading company.

Paul McNicoll-Cheong, Head of Customer & Commercial at Crieff Hydro

The new site looks fantastic, we are all delighted! We’ve already had a an upturn in enquiries and positive feedback from our customers! Thanks for your hard work, your attention to detail really shows!

John Hendry, Director at Parallel Lines